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Permanent Residence

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

A humanitarian and compassionate application is a discretionary type of application for permanent residence in Canada. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, individuals who are inadmissible or do not meet the requirements of the Act may apply for permanent residence from within Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

The Minister or his delegates may grant the foreign national permanent resident status if the applicant is able to establish that his or her removal from Canada would cause them unusual, undeserved, or disproportionate hardship. Factors that are considered in assessing this type of application vary but can include the degree of the applicant’s establishment in Canada, the existence of close family members who are themselves Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens, the best interests of any child that will be directly affected, and other public policy considerations. Processing times for such applications can be lengthy and usually take between 1.5-2.5 years to finalize. A pending humanitarian and compassionate application for permanent residence does not prevent the applicant’s removal from Canada. 

Live-in Caregiver Program

A live-in caregiver is an individual who is qualified to provide care for children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities independently in a private household.

A live-in caregiver is issued a work permit which authorizes them to work inCanadaas live-in caregivers. Upon completion of two years of employment within the three years immediately following the caregivers entry intoCanada, the caregiver may apply for permanent residence from within the country.

To be eligible for consideration as a live-in caregiver, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of the equivalent of a Canadian high school education;
  2. Six months of full-time training or 12 months of full-time experience in paid employment, including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer, in a field or occupation that is related to the job the applicant is seeking as a live-in caregiver.  This experience must have been obtained within the three years immediately prior to the day on which an application for a work permit as a live-in caregiver is submitted to a visa officer; and
  3. The ability to speak, read and listen to English or French at a level sufficient to communicate effectively in an unsupervised setting; and
  4. Have an employment contract with their future employer.
Please check back soon for information about the Federal Skilled Worker Program and other work-related immigration categories.
For information about family sponsorships for permanent residence, please see "Family Sponsorship."